Elize Thirion

We are very fortunate to have a top Traumatologist as part of the team for our Pretoria/Midrand/Johannesburg Doulas and their clients. Elize Thirion is a Registered Psychological Therapist, Tall Tree Facilitator and one of the best Traumatologists in South Africa. 

Traumatology is a primary reference for professionals all over the world who study and treat people exposed to highly stressful and traumatic events.  Elize also does birth debriefings for mothers who have had traumatic birth experiences. DOSA fully endorses Elize Thirion. 

Elize has an incredible heart for Doulas, the work they do and for the specific trauma themselves and their clients may face.  Elize is available at a REDUCED rate to Doulas.  Please remember to mention that you are a Doula when you phone Elize for an appointment.